Crime Analysis

| July 23, 2016

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“In this week’s readings, the focus shifts from general issues in crime analysis (e.g. theory, data, etc.) to presentation of the methods and techniques used by crime analysts. Many people outside of criminology and the field of criminal justice think they already know a lot about crime analysis because they see so much of it on TV and in movies. Indeed, many of you have probably mentioned to someone that you are studying criminology, which then invoked a discussion of all the things that person ‘knows’ about criminology, most of which is only loosely based in reality! For this week’s discussion, I want you to discuss how crime analysis, as described in the textbook, is very different from how the practice is usually portrayed on TV and in movies.

Obviously, there is not a ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ response to this discussion prompt, but as with any of the discussion postings, be sure to refer directly to information from the readings, and be clear, organized, and professional. As noted in the syllabus, be sure that your initial posting is not too similar to the postings that other students have made”

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