Credit Card Expenditure and Risk (using Minitab to analyse the data)

| February 10, 2014

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This project is extremely important to me, as my course is examined entirely by it. The project is required to analyse the data with 2 main aims: (a) to use linear regression to investigate the relationship between credit-card spending and the characteristics of the card-holder; (b) to use logistic regression to invesigate the relationship between the probability of default and characteristics of the card-holder. What's more you have been asked to present your results in a short report. The data should use Minitab to analysis, the analysis must be reproducible. In addition, it is very easy with Minitab to produce large numbers of graphs, tables, regressions and other kinds of output. Only a select few of these should go into the report. So try to pick out graphs and tables of results which have a story to tell. You can find more details in the file No 1. I have also uploaded several files, No 1 as I told above, is the most important file that you can use, it includes the question (aim), variable, and some advice. No2 is the data of the project, which can be viewed by Excel. While No 3 is the same data which can be only viewed by Minitab. No 456 are the feedbacks of the past projects, please also check them carefully.( if the writer needs the questions of the past projects, please ask me). No7 is the textbook my this course, only have a look from Lecture 6 please, it has all you needs to finish the project. Last but not least, I will keep in touch with my writer to make this project to the best. Thank you, and hope to have a great cooperation.
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