| July 28, 2016

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Write an essay of no more than 1,750 words which covers 1 or 2 of the following topics:


Critically discuss the tools and techniques that project managers can use to ensure lessons learned from earlier projects are taken into account in their current project, and how lessons from their current project can be used to inform future projects;

Critically discuss how a project manager would determine if a given project was a success;

Critically discuss the role of stakeholders in project management;

Critically discuss the principles and practices of risk management, within the context of project management;

Critically discuss the advantages and disadvantages of PRINCE2's 'management by exception' principle;

Critically discuss PRINCE2's 'focus on products' principle, comparing it with alternatives.

Note: You are not required to refer to PRINCE2 for 1 – 4, but as this is a project management methodology with things to say on these topics, you may wish to explore it.

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