Creative Writing Assessment

| July 21, 2016

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This 3500 word assessment will consist of a proposal document (around 2000 words) in which you will present your research. Research can include references to creative research (i.e. novels, short stories, plays, film, etc.), as well as standard academic research. Additionally, as part of the proposal document, you provide a plan for the creative piece you will submit in Assessment 2(part b), which discusses the premise of the piece, its progress so far, and how you intend to continue. You will also submit around 1000 words of draft material you have written toward the creative piece so far.


For this assessment you will be assessed on:

1.Evidence and presentation of research

2.The ability to write a statement of intent and planning for the creative piece

3.Production of draft creative work

4.A properly produced Bibliography of Works Cited and References.




For this assessment, you will present the culmination of the extended writing process in the completed creative work (7,000 word for prose fiction, or equivalent), plus a contextual study (1,500 words). In the contextual study you will reflect upon the process, elucidating the challenges you faced and paying particular attention to elements that may have changed from the original proposal(part A)

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