Creative Massage Strategies – BlackBerry

| May 21, 2014

This research paper has analyzed creative massage strategy in BlackBerry smartphones. Two-target audience – corporate consumers and Generation X – have been identified as core customers segments of the BlackBerry. Due to the declining market on both segments, a creative massage that depicts the BlackBerry uniqueness among the rival brands is essential in attracting customers and maintaining consumers. RIM will promote the BlackBerry brand through campaigns and virtual communities. In position the brand, the features and attributes like security, Near Field Communication (NFC) and active voice search applications will play a vital role in distinguishing the BlackBery from other brands like iPhone and Samsung Galaxy. The use of testimonials and slice of life execution will be used to communicate these massage strategies through endorsers and problem/solution approaches. Based on each targeted audience there will be two Big Ideas – one aimed at corporate users and the other on Generation X. Finally, in making appeals, rational appeals will aim at corporate users; where else, the emotional appeals will target generation X.

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