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| June 25, 2015

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first page……….
Using at least one of the templates in the attached document above, please create one paragraph to discuss the main points of your paper and upload for homework credit by Sunday…..
see the attached file #1&#2
second page ……..
Write and submit a final paper proposal( relate to first page) for peer review and questions…….
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This week you are researching and writing your 5 page research paper.

Please write and submit a brief proposal regarding your paper and what you hope to prove. Follow the format below, which is found on pages 290-294.

What is the issue you wish to research and evaluate? Why did you pick it?
Formulate a strong statement about your topic that you think you will be able to prove. Remember a thesis isn’t a statement like “Nuclear power is cleaner than coal fired electrical power.” That is a statement of fact. A thesis is the answer to an argument: “Given our huge need for clean fuel, nuclear power is a viable alternative to coal fired plants, despite fears of nuclear meltdown suggested by last year’s Japanese tsunami incident.”
Why does this issue deserve attention? Why does it matter? Discuss the strong claims you will make to identify and perhaps solve or take a stand on the issue.
Describe your research progress. What research have you come upon so far that is new ground for you? What research problems do you have with this paper so far?
What questions of your peers do you have regarding advice?
three page……
What is Intellectual Property?
Joyce Stashenko
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Discussion: A.) Please read “It’s Not Theft, It’s Pastiche” by Christine Rosen, which appeared in the Wall Street Journal. The piece is a review for a book called My Word, by Christine Blum. Blum’s book is about college students and cutting and pasting from the internet. Read the article and be able to answer the following questions regarding the review itself:

Blum, the author of the book being reviewed, has been accused of being soft on college students regarding plagiarism. Why does Blum think students plagiarize so freely? Cite evidence from the article. Is she an apologist for the way students write today, in your opinion?
What does Rosen think about Blum in this review? What is her point of view, specifically? How can you tell? Cite evidence.
What is the definition of plagiarism, in your own words? If 70% of college students admit to having cut and pasted text from the internet into their papers, what does this indicate about changing moral values regarding intellectual property?
What is pastiche?
Is there ever an excuse for taking credit for someone else’s writing, in your opinion? Explain.
Discussion B.) Please read this comment that was posted in response to “It’s not Theft, it’s Pastiche” in 2009 and is still posted online by The Wall Street Journal. When you have finished, please answer the questions that follow and post them along with the work you did above so we can have a class discussion:



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