Create a total of two business-quality posters

| February 17, 2014

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Week Three Individual Assignment
Choose an organization with which you are familiar.
Create a total of two business-quality posters (Use PPT or word and design it as a ‘poster’. One page or slide is one poster). Creativity is encouraged. Be sure that the posters represent the following:
Poster One:
• Identify 2 or 3 examples of process improvement opportunities in your chosen organization’s industry.
• Identify 2 or 3 process improvement opportunities in your selected organization.
• Show the process improvement opportunities identified in your selected organization.
(Example: Company is a local hospital. Industry is Healthcare. 2 PI opportunities is higher patient satisfaction and less employee needle sticks. A PDCA method is shown for needle sticks. The ‘poster’ shows this visually)
Poster Two:
• Identify examples of how organizations prioritize process improvement activities to improve performance.
• Prioritize process improvement activities for your selected organization.
• Show the priorities of the activities you created for your selected organization.
(For example: Hospitals prioritize by safety first, business profits second (Note: prioritization may tie back to the Mission, Vision or Values). In above case needle sticks would be worked on before patient satisfaction due to safety always comes first. The ‘poster’ shows this visually.)
Feel free to submit your work for feedback prior to the due date if you are unclear about any of this assignment.
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Executional Frameworks
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