Create a Java application linked to a DB

| March 13, 2014

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The code must be fully documented and supplemented with a report detailing the technical challenges faced, as well as providing insight as to why certain approaches were taken in terms of security and reliability.
Please provide mock ups for the GUI before working on it. I will upload a mock application that i’ve written that includes the DB connection commands and details.
Including some sources that were used in the design and code would be optimal.
I will upload the following:
Mock app (will provide within two days. Do not have it now)
A spreadsheet with all current tables that we have decided on. Not set in stone. Feel free to modify as fits as long as its explained why.
A requirements document
A more detailed instructions document by me
A Visio ERD showing the relations between tables. Please note that it is not set in stone at all. You might have a better approach. As long as its explained it should be ok.
Java Code
Table Creation SQL Commands
DB Population (dummy info) SQL Commands
Report detailing code used, why, security aspects, expandability potential, code documentation
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