Create a health marketing plan for a pediatric urgent care

| March 21, 2015

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Final Project
Create a Marketing Plan
WHAT: Using the Marketing Plan Outline on pages 75-76 in Chapter 2, create a Marketing Plan for a health care provider of your choice (real or fictional). See Exhibit 1-1 on page 23 for some examples of “primary providers” – use one of these types of providers. 
The Marketing Plan should include the following sections and is due by midnight, Sumday, of week four:
I. Management Summary
II. Economic Projections
III. The Market – Qualitative
IV. The Market – Quantitative
V. Trend Analysis
VI. Competition
VII. Problems and Opportunities
VIII. Objectives and Goals
IX. Action Programs

WHEN: Post your topic in by clicking on the title Final Project Topic above and then click on Create Thread . Your final project based on this topic will be due on Saturday of Week 4 (final day of class). 

WHERE: Post the Marketing Plan in a Word document in Week 4..

Final Project Grading Criteria:
Marketing Plan Content: 50 points possible
Followed Guidelines: 20 points possible
Grammar/Spelling: 20 points possible
Creativity: 10 points possible
Total: 100 points possible


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