Create a digital business transformation strategic plan for Hertz RentACar

| September 26, 2015

Create a digital business transformation strategic plan for Hertz RentACar

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Below are basic principles it should contain;
1. Decide => Vision
2. Design => Landscape / Business case
a. Review what the ecosystem looks alike.
b. Players and their relationships in terms of value creation
c. ROI is preferred
3. Plan => Assessment of the readiness to transform / Strategic plan for the transformation / roadmap for transformation
4. Acquire the resources associated with the organization
a. Human capital management system
5. Build articulation of the key Processes / Tools for value creation
6. Evaluate => Performance management
a. How do you evaluate success
b. Financial performance
7. Deliver => Deploying the business and measuring the performance comparing to benchmarks
8. Transform => Plan for continues improvement

Incorporate elements of;
· Include both Quantitative and Qualitative analysis
· Identify Core competencies
· Perform
o Capabilities analysis
o Financial analysis
o Marketing Strategies
· Basic elements of Ecosystem hub implementation includes;
1. Decide business ecosystem agility goals
2. Design social graph as EIMS architecture
3. Plan keystone scenario concept of operations
4. Acquire enabling Force 5 Tornado technologies
5. Build virtual enterprise using agile work plan
6. Evaluate business case via balanced scorecard
7. Deliver business ecosystem agility solution
8. Transform with sustainable competitive advantage

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