Create a business case for establishing a Dundee Tram System

| July 28, 2016

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You have recently been appointed by the Dundee City Council who is seeking to develop a tram system of its own but they have concerns over the problems that Edinburgh had with their tram project. Your assignment is to write a report on the prospective Dundee tram system as a project – considering what is likely to go well and what not so well. Your report should therefore focus on the project management aspects including the key risks e.g. loss of money and overrunning its schedule and not meeting the performance requirements expected from an infrastructure project of this type.

Part A: Project Plan Presentation notes and slides

Part B: Main report

Part A (20%) involves preparing the presentation of your business case and project plan as detailed in the assignment brief below.

Part B (80%) involves the creation of a detailed business case, project plan, and schedule, and discussion of other relevant issues.

More detail on the assignment requirements is provided in the project brief that follows – continue reading!

Edinburgh Trams is a tramway in Edinburgh, Scotland, operated by Transport for Edinburgh. It is

a 14-kilometre (8.7 mi) line between York Place in New Town and Edinburgh Airport, with 15


Construction began in June 2008, but after encountering a number of delays it did not open until

31 May 2014. The scheme had an initial estimated cost of £375 million in 2003, but by May 2008,

when contracts were signed, the cost had risen to £521 million. After extra interest payments are

factored in, the final cost is expected to top £1 billion.

Part A (20% of assignment mark)

Preparation of a PowerPoint presentation of your business case and project. You are required to

prepare the slides along with associated written notes for submission with Part B.

Part B (80% of assignment mark)

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Week Six: Discussion Questions
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