Court Report Based On Victorian Courts System

| March 18, 2014

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I have to write a court report based on Victorian Courts system 700 words and a personal reflection based on court experience 125 words. It has to be AGLC Style which is Australian Guide to Legal Citation.
What you need to do for Assessment Task 1: 700 words
AGLC Style ( Australian Guide to Legal Citation )
1. Attend any court in Victoria-attendance at a Tribunal (including VCAT) rather than a court is NOT ACCEPTABLE for this assessment task.
2. Prepare and submit a Report and reflection on your court attendance
The Report should include (but is not limited to) the following information (written in the 3rd person):
(i) Details of the matter before the Court, including:
• file numbers & date of court attendance
• Where and when the case was delivered
• Type of proceeding
• originating court- & where the court you visited sits in the court hierarchy
• jurisdiction
• judge’s name
• any orders made
• names of counsel and solicitors for the parties.
• Any other details you wish to include
NB. If you are not able to provide some of these details, provide an explanation of why.
(ii) The facts and legal issues before the Court
(iii) The interactions between counsel and between counsel and judges, witnesses and other persons present.
(iv)The physical layout of the Court Room and surroundings and the significance of this.
(v) The technical language used in the court room.
(vi) A discussion (within the context of your observations) of the role of courts in Australian society and the ethical and professional duties of lawyers in practice.
The Reflection should include:
(i) A piece of reflective writing (written in the 1st person) on your court experience, 125 words
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