Coursework, Logic and programming Computer programming

| June 19, 2015

Coursework, Logic and programming Computer programming



Project description


You are required to design, implement, test and document windows forms application
Microsoft Visual C# 2010/2012 express edition environment
. The
application will implement the following apps.
Scientific Calculator
Here you will develop a scientific calculator using C#.
The application will look and function like the windows calculator. The basic
requirement is that your calculator should be able to perform the four basic operations
which are addition, subtraction, d
ivision and multiplication. In addition to this, as further
enhancement try adding the other functions you find in windows calculator including
trigonometric functions.
Guessing a number game1
This is how the game will work. At the beginning
(or after
pressing “Reset”), the player thinks of a positive integer less than a certain
maximum number which the player sets. The player has to tell the computer this
maximum number. Once the game starts, the computer will ask the player a series of
questions for
which the player has to reply by pressing either “Yes” or “No. After few
guesses the computer will find the number in the players mind. The game must have
a stop button so that a player can quit at any time.
Guessing a number game2
In this game, your
screen will load with numbers
0 to 9 on the screen. The player will click any number and if it matches to what the
computer is thinking, the game is won and the computer indicates that by shouting a
sound effect of your choosing and also the clicked numbe
r will blink, then the screen
is reset for a new game else the game shouts “Loser” and the game continues with
the already guessed number(s) greyed out. The game must have a stop button so that
a player can quit at any time.
TASK 1: Understand the princi
ples of object oriented programming
1. Explain the advantages of OOP principles in the design of software solution to a
problem such as described in the above scenario.
2. Explain the concepts of modularity, software reuse, abstraction, i
encapsulation and polymorphism in OOP design.
3. Explain the meanings of Classes and Objects as applied in OOP. Give an example
of any class and an object. List at least 5 properties and 5 methods for your example.
TASK 2: Designing object o
riented programming solutions
1. Discuss your appreciation of learning OOP design methodologies separate from
learning OOP programming languages such
as C#, JAVA, C++ or VB.NET etc.
2. For the requirement specification given in the above scenari
os, identify and list the
classes required in your proposed OOP design solution. Show these by drawing a
UML class diagram(s) depicting the classes (with their attributes and methods) and
their relationships with each other in the design.
TASK 3: Implementation of object oriented programming solutions
Within the MS Visual Studio (VS) Express C# 2010/2012 IDE implement an objected
oriented solution to each of the above given problem scenarios. Your code mus
t follow
good software design and development conventions some of which are given in the
good programming practice section below. Your code must be implemented using all
the programing constructs (control structures etc.) you have learned so far. You must
also demonstrate effective use of the VS IDE, including code and screen templates.
TASK 4: Testing and Documentation of object oriented
programming solutions
Critically review and test the OOP solution you developed for the given scenario
and analyse
actual test results against expected results to identify discrepancies. You
are advised to use a V&V table to show this.
Evaluate independent feedback on a developed object oriented programme solution
and make recommendations for improvements.
As part of a user documentation, create onscreen help to assist the users of the
computer program you developed.
As part of the design documentation, create brief documentation for the support
maintenance of the program.
Physical Exercise Progress Tracker
This assignment brief requires the student to produce a menu driven co
application. The
program is structured so that it tests the students’ knowledge in
various areas of structured
programming using C#. Each student is expected to
produce a single program and hand in a printed
of the code as part of the final
assignment report. All program test output screens must be
included in the report.
Finally, the student will demonstrate a working program in class for oral
Microsoft Visual C# 2010/2012 express edition
You are required to design, implement, test and document a program which will aid
monitoring your
periodic progress in the gym. The program shall have a menu system
consisting of:
1. Sign in
2. Sign up
3. Exit
Once logged in successfu
lly (login details are saved in a file), the user shall be directed
to the main
menu with the following options to direct the flow of the program.
1. Read previous history (shall be one week data)
2. Enter New (today’s body weight, exercise types and the r
espective sets and reps to
saved to a file)
3. Show overall Progress Summary (include reps/sets/body weight/load etc.)
3. Sign out


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