Coursework for Analytical Sciences

| June 20, 2015

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements


you will find everything you need in the file attached.

– the CW instructions and topics ( you can choose what ever you want EXCEPT THE  LAST ONE which is this one:

Compare and contrast the theoretical background and performance of two analytical methods for the determination of polyaromatic  hydrocarbons (not to include HPLC as this has been covered in lectures) . One of the methods chosen should be suitable for field use.

Also you will find papers that will help and tutorials
which you can use to understand and write the coursework.

the coursework should be between 1500 words and NO MORE THAN 1650

I have chosen ( Platinum Quality ) so I expect to get ( A ) in this !
this is resit for the CW was before and I also used this serves and I failed !
so please if you can’t do it or dont know how to do it just leave it for someone else.

( also you will find in the file the comments from the Dr for my last CW. you will not do the same subject ( which is the last one ) but this comments might help you understand what the Dr wants.

AGAIN I need to get A if you can’t do it or do not know what is it about simply dont take it !




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