Course Project: Health Promotion Literature Review

| July 30, 2016

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

In Week 1 you created a plan for the health promotion project for this course.

Complete a comprehensive review of the literature on your topic. The goal of the review of the literature is to better understand the components of the health promotion problem identified. Begin with the selection and development of a theoretical framework for the project. Based upon this framework, you can select literature and data from a variety of resources to help explain the phenomena and to help identify potential interventions for the problem. Look at the South University library for peer-reviewed publications not older than 5 years to provide information about various aspects of the proposed project. Synthesize this information and utilize a conceptual framework to help integrate all aspects of the plan into a workable project.

Grading Criteria Maximum Points

Provide a comprehensive review of literature and data sources not older than 5 years relevant to the question. 30

Provide evidence of synthesis and analysis of the literature. 15

Create an overview of a theoretical framework to frame the project. 10

Review of the literature leads to at least one potential intervention. 10

Followed APA guidelines 10

Total: 75

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