Country report of Venezuela

| November 17, 2015

The country report is an opportunity to apply components of the comparative model to research a nation and to gain understanding of how a country functions in-depth.
General Parameters
The purpose of the paper is to apply the comparative model, and to examine that nation?s potential for democratic and economic development, students should demonstrate an understanding of their selected country?s political system and its functions.
Additionally, students should consider the bulleted items below in both the descriptive and analytical sections of the essay for the selected country. Papers should be well-organized with a clear thesis, demonstrate a good understanding of comparative politics concepts, and include a thoughtful and creative analysis of the selected country?s government and political culture. Following are some suggestions to include in your report:
Give a brief political history of your chosen country since the mid-twentieth century. What was the colonial period like and what are the affects of this at present? (if applicable.). But remember this is not a history essay so keep this section brief unless you are analyzing the affect of history or colonialism on your given nation.
What are the major political institutions in your country? Is there a separation of powers and do they have an independent judiciary?
How ?democratic? is your country? Do they have ?free and fair? elections? How would classify your country? What is the role of the state in the economy? Is it an authoritarian regime? Is it a ?failed state?? If your country is not democratic, what are the prospects for it becoming democratic?
What is the media like in your country? Do they have freedom of the press or is the media state-run? Do citizens have civil rights and civil liberties? Is there corruption and are there human rights abuses? What is the ethnic and religious composition of the country and how does this affect governing? Is there ethnic conflict?
Describe the major economic sectors of your country. What are the major economic opportunities and problems facing your country?
If possible, describe and analyze the political culture of your country and try to relay some important public opinion data. Relate this to the fourth bullet point above.

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99: 4-28. Are humans naturally egoistic, aggressive and only interested in serving their own appetites?
It has been said that host-governments ‘concedes’ control or sovereign rights over their countries’ natural resources o foreign oil companies. Your task is to critically evaluate on whether this statement is still applicable in the present climate of the global oil and gas industry. NB: Your evaluation must reveal evidence of sufficient reading and research, and, must refer to industry related academic journals and articles adequately.


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