Counseling Children and Adolescents

| May 23, 2014

Write a reflective essay about a presenting problem (e.g., alcohol and other drugs; depression; anxiety; family conflict; behavioral issues) relevant to an adolescent client. Additionally, reflect upon how your own family and adolescent history might influence your attitude and approach to working with this client specifically and more broadly as an adolescent and family counselor.

1.identification and analysis of the experiences that the young person is presenting with and relate to theory
2.identification of the challenges you might personally face when working with this young person and their family as a result of your own experiences, and how you might navigate such challenges. 3.counselling strategies you would use with an adolescent who is facing these issues,, including specific examples of questions you would ask
4.identification and exploration of potential ethical issues that may arise in such circumstances

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Discuss how you would select "the" person to hire from a list of twenty-five applicants who meet the initial job qualifications. Review the many different selection methods found in organizations today and discuss why you chose the selection methods that you did. Be specific.

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