Costs of Smoking and Secondhand Smoke Exposure in California American Indian Communities

| November 18, 2015

This is how the paper should look like and I would like it to be in MLA format, please, in the word document, you will find the Abstract about the topic, so you can upload that when you go on the website.

A clear, concise research paper should follow the format shown below (8 – 10 pages, double-spaced,
Arial or Times 12 pt. font), not counting the reference page(s). Only professional literature is to be used
and cited, i.e. no use of the popular press.

Research Paper Format:
-“1” margins: Left, right, top, bottom
-Header: Name on every page
-Footer: Number at the bottom of page (centered)
-Spacing: Double Space
-Title Page: Name, Title of Topic, Health Disparities Course, Date
-Statement of Topic
-Research Design and Methods

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