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| December 10, 2015

It’s December 31, Last year Abderdeen Petroleum Refiners Corp. had sales of $16,000,000, and it forecasts that next year’s sales will be $14,560,000. Its fixed costs have been and are expected to continue to be $8,800,000, and its variable cost ratio is 12.50%. Aberdeen’s capital structure consists of a $13.5 million bank loan, on which it pays an interest rate of 9%, and 250,000 shares of common equity. The company’s profits are taxed at a marginal rate of 40%.

Given this data, complete the following sentences:

1. The percentage change in sales is _______.

2. The percentage change in EBIT is________.

3. The degree of operating leverage (DOL) at $14,560,000 is _______.

There are several ways to use and interpret a firm’s DOL value. Consider the following statement and indicate whether it accurately reflects the meaning or an appropriate use of a firm’s DOL value.

“Assume that a given sales level, a firm’s DOL is 2.5. This means that a 1% change in the firm’s sales will result in a corresponding 2.5% change in the firm’s EBIT”

This statement accurately describes a firm’s DOL. (TRUE OR FALSE) Please

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