Cost & Managerial Accounting – Case study as a project

| April 21, 2014

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Cost and Managerial Accounting
Group Project (counts for 25% of the course grade)
Projects are undertaking as group work. All group members get the same grade. Your task is to prepare a report (25%). The expected report length is about 2000 words. Presentations should last 10 minutes. Assessment sheets for the report and the presentation will be made available on BlackBoard so that you know what the expectations are.
Case Study:
SOLVE THE SKOOG COSTING CASE (see separate file on BlackBoard)
This is a long case study about a Swedish company that has problems with its costing system. Your task is to analyse the case and show the effects of different costing systems. This case is harder than the exercises covered in class because it counts for a large percentage of your course mark. Your group will have to work hard to produce a good solution of the case, if you choose this option.
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