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| November 27, 2015

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After reading Chapter 6, Correctional Administration and Change Management, the student may author an original paper in APA format of no less than 3000 words, excluding the title page, abstract, and table of contents, on the following:  Note**THIS CHAPTER TALKS ABOUT EVIDENCE-BASED PRACTICE

Focus: Evidence- Based Practices and “what works” in terms of reducing crime thus recidivism.


As a correctional leader, you have decided your organization is going to begin implementing some new programs that are supported by evidence (evidence-based practices) to reduce recidivism. This paper must focus on the correctional leader and how he or she is going to reduce recidivism.


In the Research Paper, the student must report what challenges, based upon the assigned reading and research, the leader may face. Then the student must lay out a plan of action that should anticipate obstacles and then develop a plan to overcome the obstacles that were anticipated. The Research Paper should incorporate what the student has learned through the course readings and minimum of ten citations is required.  

Research paper requirements

Title page

Table of Contents

End notes or foot notes if applicable

No less than 3000-words (not including cover page, table of contents, abstract, endnote page,


Don’t forget to include this: I will elaborate on this further though

The student must include a section on his or her own leadership and the leadership theory that best fits his or her leadership style.

I am recently retired however, when I was employed as a Master deputy Sheriff. I supervised recruit deputies, sworn personnel and inmates. I would say that the leadership theory that best fit me was PARTICIPATIVE LEADERSHIP





PowerPoint Presentation Guidelines:

Each student must prepare a PowerPoint Presentation on correctional management/leadership and what works in the supervision and management of correctional staff. The PowerPoint Presentation should be guided by the following scenario:  

Each student has been selected to give a PowerPoint Presentation to a newly promoted group of correctional managers who know very little regarding managing staff. The student must prepare a PowerPoint Presentation of a minimum of 15 slides (reference slides and title page are not counted in the 15 slide total) explaining best practices in corrections management and resources for the new managers to utilize.  

PowerPoint presentation requirements

APA style of writing 

Title slide

 References slide(s)

 End notes or foot notes if applicable 

A minimum of 15 slides (not including title and reference slides) 

A minimum of 5 APA references


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