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| January 27, 2015

hey, I have submit a file which I need export to correct my grammar and re write thesentencesif it is wrong, I want the assignment to be prefect, Also I have 2 parts I need the writer to PARAPHRASE and other two parts I need the writer to write it. ((( I will write all the instruction in the attached file )) and this is the link as example but mine in different topic just get the idea of this :

Document Preview:
GLO-BUS (hint: it is online game in business about selling products ( Cameras) and making benefits for our company under competition) Tasks and Standards: (paraphrase all of this section ) Our task was to play the Globus game. Globus It is a requirement for us to play the game in order to pass the subject. Globus is an online global business management simulation game. We had to play the game for 10 weeks which equated to 10 years in globus. Students were divided into three and assigned a group. Each of the three students of the group was a co- manager of a company that built cameras. There were 12 industries in the whole class and each industry had 12 companies. They had to sell Entry-level and Multi-featured cameras to four regions namely North-America, Europe-Africa, Asia and Latin- America every year. The co- managers of every group had to make business decisions every week in order to compete with other companies and meet the target results such as Earnings per Share, Image Rating, Credit Rating, and Return on Equity. The objective was to take the company to the top of the industry. The decisions that the co-managers had to take were regarding the production of camera from the manufacturing, designing of the cameras, management such as selling the product, labor and production costs, and marketing, selling and purchasing shares. Different strategies were followed while taking these decisions. In order to achieve these tasks and making decisions I along with my group members had a meeting among our group every week. We conducted our own research in order to compete with other companies in the market and developed our own strategy. The purpose of the group meetings were to work in a group and make decisions as I believed that it was better to learn from three people’s opinions. Each group member did their own research on the game and came up with their own strategy. Then they presented in front of everyone in the meeting and a collective…


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