Corporations Law (Queensland) Australia

| August 27, 2015

: Corporations Law (Queensland) Australia

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[I’ll be uploading documents later.This assignment should be made from reading those documents and only law relevant to Queensland should be applied. Avoid the use of Internet and the major sources in this assignment should be the document uploaded, and ‘Australian corporate law, 4th edn, LexisNexis,Harris,J, Hargovan & Adams’]

The assignment should be made according to the laws & legislation of Queensland only. Assignment is based on partnership act. The assignment should be answered in IRAC(Issue,Rule, Application & Conclusion) format.(ISSUE)Find out that has the contract bound the firm(all of the partners) or does it bind only the contracting partner.Discuss in brief power granted by sec124, (company has legal power of individual). (RULE) explain the section 8 of partnrship act of queensland and what it says on who is bound in this case, explain the 8 elements of section8 explain section12(joint liability).
(Application)Use examples of cases like Saloman v Saloman & co. ltd 1897 and how this recognised & affirmed the doctrine of separate legal entity, similarly discuss these cases and what they have established: Lee v Lee’s Air farming case, Macuara v Northern Assurance Co ltd, Goldberg v Jenkins(1889) after discussing each case explain what each case established and how it is related to the question in this assignment.

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