Corporate Social Responsibility

Assignment Question is based on Corporate Social Responsibility. The title for the assignment is Managing Social Responsibility and Ethics. Please read through the questions and must analyse the questions crytically. The answers should be provided with facts and justified. Please include references and citation. The answers should be very precise and must be logic. The question paper is attached with this. Just incase if you could not open the assignment questions, below will be the question that you need to answer. But please go through the attached document and let me know if you could not read it or need clarification. Please choose any other 5 companies and not the companies that has been mentioned in the question paper. Thanks. QUESTION: Managing Social Responsibility and Ethics:- Scientists blame growing industrialisation as the biggest cause for climate change. However, companies like Wal-Mart, Toyota, GE, BP, DuPont, Caterpillar, etc. are “greening” their businesses more than ever. With reference to FIVE (5) companies ( Please avoid the companies that has been mentioned in here ), critically analyse how the selected companies “green” their businesses to combat global warming and climate change. In addition, explain the ethical challenges that will affect their business and future development.