Corporate Social Responsibility Reporting, GRI and sustainability

| March 16, 2014

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Corporate Social Responsibility Reporting, GRI and sustainability
Critically evaluate the Corporate Sustainability Report 2012-13 of Tata Motors Limited against the Global Reporting Initiative 3.1.Guidelines, with particular emphasis on reporting to diverse stakeholder groups.
Briefly outline what Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is and how the initiatives on reporting CSR have developed over the past few decades. Explain what the Global Reporting Initiative is.
As part of this investigation, identify at least four stakeholder groups and demonstrate how the company engages them in the sustainability reporting process and how it identifies and reports on their particular concerns.
Consider whether the Corporate Sustainability Report (2012-13) of Tata Motors Limited merits the A+ against GRI criteria that it claims. Give reasons for your conclusion.
Your essay should be no more than 2,000 words. The coursework should be typed in Arial 11pt and double spaced.
Credit will be given for the appropriate use of visual aids (diagrams, charts) in the essay and for appropriate appendices, no more than three (one page each).
This guide should be read in conjunction with the wider regulations on Moodle and the detailed guidance as to criteria and their application below.
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