Corporate Responsibility in Multinationals

| August 21, 2015

Corporate Responsibility in Multinationals

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(a) Choose a firm from the FTSE 100 and assess its background in terms of its most material sustainability risks. (20Marks)
(b)Assess who the organisations main stakeholders are using a theoretical model such as Stakeholder Salience (Mitchell, Agle and Wood, 1997) or Primary and Secondary stakeholders (Stake, 1991). (20Marks)
(c)Review the organisations reporting mechanisms including the annual and CSR report to assess how the material risks are addressed as well as stakeholders. (30Marks)
(d)To what extent do you believe internal and external factors to be impacting the way in which the information is reported? (20Marks)
(e)Provide a conclusion regarding how effective the accountability is and to what extent stakeholders of the information have been effectively identified. (10Marks)

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