Corporate Banking Downsizing

| June 19, 2015

Corporate Banking Downsizing

Possible topics include what managers should know about the following:
•    Downsizing in corporate America for Banking
You are to conduct scholarly research on a current management topic that deals with an ethical issue.. The paper must be in APA format and have recognizable thesis statement and at least three supporting sub points for your broader topic. 1.    Paper is to be 8 word-processed pages in length, double-spaced, and in Times Roman 12 pt. font.
2.    Paper contains identification information in APA style formatting.
3.    Paper contains at least 10 references, dating back no further than 2007.  No more than two references should be from electronic sources.4.    Business journals, trade publications government documents, current textbooks, and company publications are acceptable references.
5.    Paper contains a title and referenced page.
6.    Paper contains:
a.    Introduction This section should not exceed beyond half of a page.
b.    Thesis statement (a statement addressing three supporting sub points of a management topic that deals with an ethical issue.)
c.    Body (paragraphs that support the main thesis statement.)  One sentence is not a paragraph.
d.    Summary or conclusion paragraph.
7.    Sentences are well-constructed.
8.    Paper reads logically and clearly.
9.    Paper is free of misspellings and incorrect grammar usage.
10.    Paper was read aloud to catch any problems before submitting.

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