corp strategy in east asia project report

| September 26, 2015

corp strategy in east asia project report

specific is on the page 9 of the course outline i uploaded
Topic for Project Report
Choose one Japanese/ Korean/ Chinese/ Overseas Chinese business group/ or
company (Note: your choice should not replicate any examples covered in the lectures
and seminars).
Critically review your chosen case study in the following areas:
1) Corporate structure and governance,
2) Management style, and
3) Internationalisation strategy (or if not relevant, corporate strategies).
Drawing on lessons learned through this case study, your report should include a
reflection on which aspects of corporate Japan/ Korea/ China/ Greater China should be
retained/ and which aspects should be reformed if they were to remain relevant and
successful in the future.
Length: Maximum 2500 words excluding executive summary, endnotes, figures and

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