Corning Incorporated

| April 2, 2014

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This is the teachers instructions. I honestly only want a 2 1/2 to 3 page paper without a cover page. Its on Corning Inc. a glass company that specializes in innovative tech. Please if you cannot finish the paper let me know as soon as possible. If progress reports are available I would like them.
THE PROJECT WILL BE GRADED RIGOROUSLY. The goal is nothing short of perfection. All students MUST have their work thoroughly evaluated by multiple individuals (classmates, the Learning Assistance Center, the staff in the Greehey School writing lab, friends, family, etc.) prior to submission. If a student fails to follow this requirement, that student will have 100 points taken off of his/her paper grade automatically. Late papers will be accepted, but they will be penalized 50 points for each 24 hour period they are late, beginning at the moment they are due.
The finished paper must be well organized and visually attractive, and it must include your name, your email address, and the course name and number on the cover page. The cover page does not count toward your page limit, nor do your references page or your interview synopsis pages (see below). The paper must be stapled in the top left-hand corner and should not be submitted in a binder of any sort. Margins must be one inch on all sides. You must use Times New Roman 12 point font throughout. There is a maximum limit of three double-spaced pages (again, not including the cover, references, or interview pages). Your paper must be double-spaced. All pages except the cover page must be numbered at the bottom in the center. Do not number the cover page. Be sure to appropriately cite all sources within the body of the paper, as well as at the end.
You must choose a publicly traded, US-based company and provide a solid overview of the things they do with regard to social responsibility and sustainability. Only one student in the class may research a given company, and companies must be approved by the professor via email in advance. Companies used in recent semesters are not allowed (a list will be provided). Obviously, the sooner you email the professor with your preferred company, the greater the likelihood of your getting to research the company of your choice.
You must address each of the following questions about your approved company:
1. What do they do with regard to corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability? (Provide details of their major initiatives.) This should be no more than one page.
2. What is your top piece of advice that you believe would help the company create higher levels of shared value? (Read carefully Porter & Kramer, Harvard Business Review, ?Creating Shared Value?.) Provide solid, well thought-out advice that a business leader at your chosen company could actually implement. Your advice must be clear enough and rational enough to be implementable, and you must state very clearly how your advice creates shared value, talking specifically about how it will affect clearly-defined stakeholder groups. Otherwise, you will receive NO CREDIT for this section.
Your paper must have headings that clearly correspond to each of the questions above. Failure to do so will dramatically affect your grade. Also, this is a research project, so you must show clear evidence of thoughtful and thorough research in your responses to each question above. Failure to do so will significantly affect your grade. You may not base your answers to these questions solely upon the results of your executive interview (see below). While some of your responses may be based on the interview, most of them should be based on other research. A blend of primary (your interview) and secondary (articles, CSR/sustainability reports, etc.) is ideal.
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