Convergence and Divergence

| February 12, 2014

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This is a direction for essay below
I will attach the study question and reading papers
Please read the direction carefully
I choose the topic
: Charles Kenny, ?Why Are We Worried About Income? Nearly Everything that Matters is
Converging,? World Development Vol. 33, No. 1, pp. 1?19, 2005.
Please write related to question about the reading.
Instructions for 1000-Word Essays
The purpose of these essays is for you to write a short, analytic
paper on the readings for a given session of the course. You can use
the study questions as an overall guide to some of the issues, but the
purpose of the essay is not simply to answer the study questions. The
purpose of the essay is to choose a topic and explore it using the
readings for your topic as well as prior readings and lectures if
appropriate. Outside research is not required.
A good essay starts with a lead paragraph that outlines the issue
in question; it can be a debate among the readings, a particular issue
that the author is trying to explain, or a puzzle or problem that you see
in the readings. Feel free to criticize the readings if you think that they
don?t make sense, or review the findings if you think that address the
problem successfully.
Paragraphs should lead with strong topic sentences that signal
the reader what you are doing in each paragraph. The paper should
also have a conclusion that summarizes and perhaps raises some
further questions that are unanswered.
Papers do not have to be precisely 1000 words long; this is a
guide. But we do not want them longer than 1000 words; please
include a word count. If you can say what you have to say succinctly?
say in 850 words?you will not be penalized unless your essay fails to
make its point convincingly.
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