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| January 27, 2015

CMMC Capstone Manual International Relations Contents 1. The Capstone Thesis 3 2. Identification of Research Area (Topic) 3 3. Appointment of Capstone Supervisor 3 4. Formation of Thesis Advisory Committee 4 5. Research Design Proposal 4 6. Parts of the Capstone thesis 5 7. Thesis Structure 5 8. Formatting 8 9. Submission and Review Process 9 10. Final presentation 9 11. University Guidelines 9 12. Schedule 10 13. Evaluation 11 Additional Tips for Thesis and Dissertation Writers 12 AUE Capstone Manual The Capstone Thesis The main intent of this document is to ensure that CMMC Capstone projects are presented in a conventional form, following universally accepted standards for academic papers. This guide does not reflect detailed information on how to research or write a thesis. Students are expected to submit an original work between 8000 and 10000 words that would contribute towards the advancement of knowledge in their areas of study. The thesis should stem from an original research that involves field study or library and is to be conducted under the supervision of Capstone Supervisor and the guidance of the Faculty Advisory Committee. In addition, the submitted thesis should be both content and expression acceptable and presented in a format which is consistent with the area of study and the Capstone Formatting Guidelines. Identification of Research Area (Topic) Students should select an area of research that is both new and innovative. To achieve this, students should consult references and/or previous work that has been done related to the specific research area. They should also seek help from enterprise in industry, government, manufacturing, private and public organizations or specialists who might want to help or to provide information or data. The topic area should be of great interest to the student, with a passion for inquiry and knowledge acquisition through…

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