Contrast essay about the differences between women before and after the advent of islam

| May 20, 2015

I ordered this paper from another service and I was quite disappointed from their quality and I’ve heard you guys are the best.. I hope you can edit/rewrite the following for me..

The paper should include an introduction with a hook and a thesis statement that clearly states it is a contrast essay (Please don’t say this essay will…)
The introduction I have is quite harsh in language, and only talks about pre-islam.. which I don’t like.. and has no interesting hook.. Also the introduction should only be 1 paragraph.. not a gazillion..

In the body three points should be contrasing while one point is comparing.. to balance the essay

If you could edit or expand on the body.. fix the organization .. whatever it needs

You could rearrange the paper.. do whatever.. all I need is two pages of writing (excluding reference page and front page of course).




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