Contrast and Comparison of the Price and Snow, Glass Apples and the Black Cat and Snow White

| August 18, 2015

This is a book report. Attached here with are the stories. Please read and carefully annotate in this essay the contrast and comparisson. >>>Attached here with is my professor’s instruction on how she would like this contrast and comparison essay book review to be done. >>>I would like to re iterate that this essay must have a thesis statement and direct quotations from the stories to support the main arguments. The thesis that I would like to reflect is that Neil Gaiman has more interesting style of writing compare to Edgar Allan Poe”The Black Cat” and Snowhite by Brothers Grimm because he took something everyone knows and love into another story dimension, but was able to conserved the true elements of the original story. He succeed to put this story together with more twist, action and excitement rather than the classic story version that we all knows, yet readers still know what he is talking. >>> There’s two attachment here, the essay instruction and the book review stories. Please read those stories and then the other attachment for the essay instruction.

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