contracts and contract law

| May 25, 2014

(a) Name the 3 key elements of a contract. [3 Marks]
(b) Explain the significance of each of the key elements in part (a) of the question and give an example in each case as a part of your answer. [12 Marks]
(c) In addition to the key elements in part (a) of the question, there are other points that must be noted for the contract to be legally binding. Identify four such points and briefly explain what they are, or give an example. [10 Marks]

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Assume you are an exporter of seafood based in Country A and have received an enquiry from Country B for the ongoing supply of fresh seafood. Country B is a land-locked country but has good aviation facilities. The buyer is unknown to you but if a contract is concluded it will be quite lucrative.

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