Contextualizing performance criteria

| October 16, 2015

11. Consider the following scenario and contextualise the components of units of competency listed below.

Jane is a school-based trainee working for ABC Accounting. Her traineeship will lead to the completion of BSB20107 Certificate II in Business. As part of her studies, she is undertaking the unit BSBWOR202A Organise and complete daily work activities.

The Office Manager is Jane’s immediate supervisor.

When reports are to be prepared for clients, ABC Accounting uses:
Microsoft Word to produce reports for clients
a printer to print the client reports
a photocopier to make copies of reports for clients
a binder to prepare the reports for presentation to the clients

ABC Accounting also communicates with clients via email (Microsoft Outlook) and views client’s accounting information using MYOB accounting software.

Jane has her own workstation (desk, computer, chair).
Component Contextualisation
Performance criteria
1.1. Negotiate and agree upon work goals and plans with assistance from appropriate persons a.
Range statement
Business technology may include:
• computer applications
• computers
• electronic diaries
• facsimile machines
• photocopiers
• printers
• scanners b.

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