Consumers Buying Behaviour and Brand Image – A study of Menswear Retail Fashion brands in U.K

| July 19, 2015

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I would like my dissertation to be done with a clear focus on the contribution a HRM department brings forth in times of uncertainty focusing on John Lewis as the company’s HR department previously thrived during a recession and to use in comparison with another company (Cisco) who on the other hand performed below the expected level. I would like my literature review to be from a broad context of literature additionally for a critically analysed findings from the research methodology and findings, could the plagiarism percentage be of minimum.
Research aims: the aim of the research is to provide an insight and measure the value a HRM department can bring forth in times of bankruptcy and a raise in unemployment, how the HR department make use and manage the available resources in order to create efficiency, additionally, to measure up to previously conducted endless research on the true value of an HR department. Moreover to examine/determine why certain companies thrive during a recession whilst others are hitting rock bottom.
Research objectives: to analyse whether HRM priorities in recession change or adjust. To measure the impact of outsourcing HR and its effects/ efficiency, to examine the discipline of HR in times of uncertainty. To determine why some companies thrive during a recession whilst others perform below the expected. To assess how to gain an competitive advantage during a recession.
Literature review should focus on human capital theory.
Research methods: qualitative & quantitative- grounded theory phenomenology.
Data collection method via questionnaire
Possible accessibility issues- accessibility to HR department records or confidential information
Include research limitations.
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