| May 20, 2015

The management of change in an organization is often led by an internal or external change consultant who leads change from a project perspective with a phased approach that includes the project definition, a diagnosis of the situation, recommendations for a solution, a plan for implementing the recommendations, and the actual implementation of the plan.
You will prepare a consulting proposal based on a case from the textbook assigned. I plan to upload the case study on or brfore May 21st. The proposal must be 1300–1400 words and include at least the following 5 sections:
1. Definition of project
2. Diagnosis of current situation
3. Recommendations
4. Implementation plan
5. Summary
A sample/template for the proposal will be uploaded. The proposal must include a title and reference page formatted according to current APA requirements. You must use a minimum of 4 scholarly peer-reviewed sources plus the text. Write the proposal as if you are addressing the CEO or organizational leadership as identified in the selected case study. The overall narrative in the proposal must include significant emphasis on diagnosing the problems in the business with recommendations for relevant change. These recommendations must be supported with specific examples or sources.
For example:
• If the organization needs to change its recruitment strategy or perhaps offer new products, what specific types of change are involved?
• Will the employees be affected? If so, what type of employees?
• How should the recommended changes be implemented?
• Are there drivers of the change that will determine the success of the change initiative? If so, what are they?
Keep in mind that the proposal is an overview of the current situation, needed changes, and recommendations; therefore, it is important to refrain from providing too much detail. However, the proposal must contain enough information for the CEO to select a course of action. Because the person receiving your proposal is the CEO, there is no need to re-state information in the case study as he/she should already be aware of the current situation.
You are encouraged to integrate information from any of the Reading & Study materials experience. These prompts are provided to support your analysis and critical thinking as you read the case and to give you some structure if you select one of these for your proposal assignments.

Consulting Proposal Questions for Consideration:
Use the following case for the Consulting Proposal.
Case Leading Culture Change at Seagram:
– What were Seagram’s biggest business challenges and why have they chosen the values initiative to help? Why are companies today introducing and/or paying more attention to corporate values?
– How well has Seagram instituted this culture change process to date?
– What role did Seagram’s leadership play in driving culture change?
– If you were one of Seagram’s executives, how would you respond to each of the five challenges at the end of the case?
– What techniques are most effective in implementing a change initiative like this one?
– What tools and techniques of culture change do you think are more potent than the use of explicit corporate values?
– What are the phases of the change process?



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