Constitutional Issues and the Scope and Character of U.S. Government

| July 21, 2015

In the Final Research Paper, you will use your critical thinking skills to analyze and evaluate a current events topic that has constitutional and political implications. Select from the list below or utilize a topic approved by the instructor. The thesis of the paper will be a statement identifying how the concepts of federalism, civil liberties, and civil rights are implicated in and affected by this topic.


Select one topic from the following list of constitutional issues:

Regulation of commerce

Religious freedom

Free speech

Privacy rights

Equal protection under law


The paper should include five main sections:

Introductory paragraph that provides a brief background regarding the topic and introduces the main thesis.

In-depth discussion of the implications for federalism related to the topic.

In-depth discussion of the implications for civil rights related to the topic.

In-depth discussion of the implications for civil liberties related to the topic.

Concluding paragraph that summarizes the main findings and restates the thesis.


The paper must be 10 to 12 pages in length and formatted according to APA style. You must use at least six scholarly resources

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