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| March 16, 2014

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• Summarize in your own words the major issues that form the basis for the party’s platform (or set of policy positions).
a. How popular do you think these positions are? Here, your goal is to roughly gauge public support for the party and describe why someone would support this minor party instead of one of the major parties.
i. You may want to visit to help with this answer and briefly present some very basic polling data to support your answer.
b. What are the prospects for this party to become a major party? You may want to think about the following questions when answering this question.
i. Are the policies for which they advocate broad enough to generate a wide range of support?
ii. Does the potential exist for their policy positions to become dominant yet not be addressed by the major parties?
iii. What would have to change (big events, massive public opinion shifts, legal restrictions, etc.) in order for their issues and positions to gain widespread support?
iv. How might institutional rules regarding elections have to change in order for the minor party to grow?
c. Please provide a concise summary at the end of your essay that provides the reader with a clear understanding of your analysis and conclusions.
• 12-point font, Times Roman
• 1-inch margins
• Use sub-headings, when appropriate, to guide the reader through transitions.
• Use page numbers.
• Cite all sources in a consistent manner, including a list of references.
• Do not use contractions (ie. can’t, don’t, etc.).
• Avoid sentences that express a personal opinion, (I believe…I think…etc.). This is a written assignment based on facts and evidence. State your findings positively instead of using the above types of personal qualifiers.
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