Consider the case study of Engenco Cost Reduction.

| May 29, 2014
  1. Identify and discuss the impact of any changes identified in the case study on the employees of Engenco.
  2. What issues from the perspective of employees, shareholders and the Board of Directors must Engenco management consider when making major job cuts?
  3. Having identified this information, provide an action plan to manage this change within the organisation, using your knowledge of the theories of change management, motivation and teams that will aid a smooth transition.

The scope of your discussion should include motivational, behavioural, relationship and management style considerations.

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The Euro Zone currently suffers from financial crisis that has threatened the stability of the Euro. Discuss the current problems facing the Euro zone countries and give specific answers to the following questions:
The purpose of this paper is to conduct an organizational assessment and analyze strategies to lead and manage organizational change through the lens of an Advanced Practice Nurse Leader.

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