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Imagine you are a lawyer with the following client. Provide a memo outlining all of the possible civil liberties issues contained in the scenario and how each item is likely to be adjudicated. Your client, being no stranger to the criminal justice system, has been twice convicted of felonies. While lying in bed, they hear their front door being broken down and police swarm their premises. The ocers have a warrant to search for drugs in the home, but do not discover anything illegal in their initial sweep. However, in searching an unattached garden shed (not explicitly listed in the warrant), con scate an unregistered rearm. At
trial, the name of the witness whose statement allowed the warrant to be issued is not disclosed as they are now in protective custody. The judge allows the gun to be introduced
as evidence and your client is convicted of illegally possessing the rearm. Your state has a mandatory three-strikes law and your client is sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole
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Dimension of Compensation
Court of Criminal Appeals of Texas. Christopher Chad PARKER, Appellant, v. The STATE of Texas. No. PD-0250-05. -- April 12, 2006


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