Conflicts over Boreal Forest in Canada

| February 9, 2014

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Introduction The Canadian Boreal forest is among the largest forests and wetland ecological unit considered untouched in the world. It represents about 25 percent of the remaining intact forests in the world. Indeed, Boreal Forest is the only place left on the entire planet that has the ability to sustain a fully operating ecosystem with such abundances. This is based on the fact that, there are a wide range of wildlife like migrating songbirds, bears, wolves, lynx among others. Some of the wildlife supported by this forest is the largest on the planet, and some of them are the only ones remaining. A Boreal forest provides not only habitat, but also livelihood to more than 700 Aboriginal communities in Canada. This community entirely depends on Boreal Forest for cultural identities, spiritual as well as economic values. Boreal forest also hosts several lakes and wetlands, apart from acting as greatest carbon sink in the world. According to Anielski and Sara (2005), the environmental benefits from Boreal forest amounts much more, compared to resource extraction through mining, energy and forestry from the forest. Additionally, mining, forestry and energy extraction has been providing various resources……ORDER NOW..
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Conflict over Boreal Forest in Canada


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