Conflict & Stategy

| June 19, 2015

Topic: Conflict & Stategy


Semester 2, 2012


Please select two (2) out of four (4) questions listed below.

1.    Critique the claim: strategic culture is irrelevant when it comes to analysing the strategic behaviour of principal actors of the international system, i.e. states.

2.    What, in your view, were the principal contributing factors that led to the initiation of hostilities in the twentieth century?

3.    Develop and present a hypothesis that the deployment of nuclear weapons after 1945 did not restrict the use of force in international relations.

4.    What are the main geo-strategic factors that drive defence planning of states, shape and composition of their armed forces, as well as national strategic and defence policies?


You are required to present your answers in an essay style format (approximately 800 words for each answer). Take-home essay should be typed or word-processed on one side of the paper with adequate margins left for comments. Please double space your work and use a good sized font (size 12).

All assignments should be emailed to the Workshop Manager (Lindsay) no later than 16.00 on Wednesday 22 August.

Please insure to take a photocopy of your assignment before handing it in. Remember that it is your responsibility to hand in assignments before the due date. If for work or other reasons you are unable to submit your paper on the due date, you should plan to hand in the assignment a day or more beforehand.

No assignments will be accepted after the deadline has passed.

Plagiarism occurs when an author uses the work of someone else and presents it as their own. This must be avoided. For example, if you are taking a direct quote from another author’s work (even a short extract) you must indicate this with quotation marks “like this” or ‘like this’, and provide a reference (i.e. a footnote or endnote). If you are paraphrasing another author’s argument or using another author’s idea you must also use a reference (i.e. footnote or endnote) to indicate

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