Conflict Resolution Models

| August 18, 2015

(This is a mediation course.) I will be asked to analyze my conflict case scenario using the models presented in Gary Furlong’s book. Expected length of paper: 3-5 pages double spaced Times New Roman 12. Instruction. I have to analyze my conflict case by using Furlongs books You have to apply 2 modells from the book. (The book including 8 modells but you have to choose only 2)She told us some like one looking the causes for example.I have to explain in the first page why I choose those model but you dont have to write 1 page for this just a few sentence why you choose those 2 model. If you have any other question or you need more info I can ask the Prof. So feel free if it’s not really clear the instruction to ask. She dont give us too much help on class but seh told us if we have any question don’t hesitate to ask her.

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