Conflict Management Training

| March 5, 2014

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Investigate a common conflict within your industry of study and a create a training (10
pages minimum) with the following criteria:
a. Research and create a 3-hour training project that will promote understanding of
conflicts cause, impact, parties involved, conflict styles, and strategies for conflict
management or resolution.
b. Include a narrative description of your objectives – short and long term. Describe the
rationale, the target audience, and the location where the training will take place.
c. An exemplary training will include both theory and practice. For your participants, be
sure to include conceptual information and innovative activities that put the theories into
creative practice.
d. Summarize the key information, ideas, theories that your project relies on. Describe the
activities that you will use and how you plan to lead these. Provide a list of resources for
your participants to include articles, books, films, community resources, etc. Create and
attach a booklet, PowerPoint presentation, or quick reference guide to help your
participants keep your training in mind or advance on the learning you have provided.
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