Concert Reports On Unfamiliar Music

| June 19, 2015

write TWO (2) Concert Reports this semester. One of these should be a classical music concert, the other need not be, but should be of music you are not generally familiar with.

Your first step will be to find a concert of music that you wouldn’t ordinarily attend (i.e. a Dayton Philharmonic concert, a UD Chorale concert, the Dayton Opera, a musical, a piano recital, a bluegrass show, a heavy metal concert). Before you go listen to some of the music you will be hearing (this is easy for classical music concerts because they usually share the program ahead of time). Be sure to take notes at the concert (I know it may seem weird, but you can do it discreetly on the program, or a bar coaster without anyone thinking you are too weird). An approved list of concerts accompanies this assignment. The instructor will consider other concerts, but he must be asked prior to the concert.

Things to be sure to do:

Dress appropriately. This is more for your own comfort than anything else. Use your judgment, ask your professor for guidance.

YOU MUST ATTEND THE COMPLETE CONCERT, and you should discuss, at least briefly, every piece on the program.

You may not write about a concert in which you are performing.

Write clearly and cogently, proofread your work and ensure there are no syntax, spelling, or grammatical errors.

Things you may wish to write about in your report (3-4 double spaced-pages for each report):

How did the concert compare to your other musical experiences? Was the music new to you? Did it make sense? What fascinated you, moved you, or surprised you? Why?

Where did the concert take place? How did that affect your experience? How many players were there? Were they in close communication with one another? Were they directed by someone? What struck you about the way they represented themselves and the music? Did you like or understand their approaches to the music?

Could you hear or feel important differences between the live performance and the recording?

Use the vocabulary introduced in this course. Describe the texture, harmony, meter, rhythm, melody, and form. How does this music compare to other repertoire studied in class?

Were there program notes? Did they help your understanding of this music?

What were the music’s most expressive, exciting, or difficult qualities?

Now, keep in mind that right after you attend a program is the best time to write about it!

YOU WILL BE ASSESSED ON THIS ASSIGNMENT: Carefully written, thoughtful, and insightful assignments will receive top marks. Work that only skims the surface of the material, is poorly written, or is otherwise sloppy will not receive the highest mark.

I did not attend to the event but here is the whole event with a video:


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