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| April 2, 2014

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In Chapter 2 of Corsini and Wedding’s Current Psychotherapies 10th Edition, Dr. Safran describes a case of brief psychoanalytic psychotherapy(30 sessions) with a 52 year old woman who had been divorced for 16 years, reporting difficulties having a gratifying and sustained relationship with a man (pages 47-50). Each of the six questions is worth approximately 17 points.
Please show how you can apply the concepts of:
a. the therapeutic alliance (what was the quality of their relationship and what evidence do you have to support your answer)
b. transference (what persistent attitude did the patient bring to the therapeutic relationship that might be considered transference and what evidence do you hove to support your answer).
c. countertransference (What attitudes did the therapist have in response to his relationship with the patient and how did it inform his understanding of their relationship? What evidence can you provide to support your answer?)
d. enactment, How does the relationship between the therapist and the patient seem to repeat thematically, the type of problems the patients speaks about in her relationships outside of the therapy? What evidence can you provide for your answer.
e. empathy How did the therapist’s feelings of empathy vary throughout the therapy? What explanations can yo provide for this fluctuation? What evidence do you have for your answer.
f. the value of exploring termination What part did the prearranged termination time (stop after 30 sessions) have on the therapy. You might consider both the positive and negative possibilities. What evidence can you provide for you answer.
In providing evidence please cite the relevant portions of the text by copying it with quotations in the context of your answers. For example “In session 20 Ruth’s frustration, anger and disappointment felt more tangible…..” This might be evidence for the importance of setting a termination date or for the idea of transference or enactment depending on how you integrate it into your answer.
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