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| March 27, 2015

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THe subject is history 
ASSIGNMENT #3 CONCEPT FORMATION Concept Formation Lesson Plan (15 Points): Having chosen an important idea for students to learn that is foundational to your unit topic, you will construct a purposeful concept formation lesson to accomplish that task

Review p 339 of Parker: Intellectual Skills in Concept Formation (there are five listed). Think of these as a guide to creating your concept formation lesson. For instance, students will: gather data, organize information, note similarities and differences across examples, etc… • In the same way that you did for the Inquiry and Deliberation lesson brainstorms, summarize in a paragraph, ideas for a lesson that you could implement with students, that focuses on a particular concept Keeping the “intellectual skills” in mind (Parker, p 339), describe your lesson idea(s) and remember to:
a) Note the topic or theme of the lesson b) Note the concept c) Include some specifics of what students will do


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