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| July 15, 2016

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In Block 2 of CSD2221, student groups were asked to design and develop a small-scale card game (‘Garbo’) using an object-oriented design and implementation with Java. The software process conveyed in Block 2 leaned more towards a plan-based approach (e.g., waterfall method) than an agile approach. Groups were required to submit a report describing the design, process and overall project management approach adopted by the group.


Consider the following scenario:


A client wishes to commission a commercial version of the Garbo card game and has approached a software company to deliver this product. The client wishes the version to be a computer-versus-human game and run in web-browsers only although this could be a web browser on a mobile device. However, time is of the essence and the client wishes to release a beta version (on the web) as quickly as possible. The software company has agreed with the client that it can complete a full production version in 5 months, but will be able to release a beta-prototype within 2 months for an online testing community to play with. The software company has put together a team of three staff – 2 developers and a project leader to oversee this. An agile approach is to be adopted.



Write an essay to compare and contrast an agile approach (such as SCRUM) to achieve the goals set by the above scenario to the more plan-based approach such as that described using the waterfall method. A basic reminder of their differences is available from:-

In your discussion you should reflect on the project management activities that would be involved, such as the division of labour, scheduling, meetings etc. with a more agile approach and how they might differ to the manner in which your group worked in Block 2. You should also discuss how the project team might work to deliver an operating prototype given the time constraints when using an agile approach, and what trade-offs may need to be made.


As with any essay, all references should be listed and cited correctly.


You should also note that the submitted work will be processed through Turnitin to assist in identification of plagiarised text. Please pay close attention to the submission details given below.


Word limit: no more than 3500 words (not including the reference list and/or any diagram captions that may be included).

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