| November 13, 2015

The evaluation between SQLserver and Neo4j is based upon a set of predefined queries. Graph databases are implemented using Neo4j . The database is queried with Cypher Query Language. Queries designed to analyze the performance difference between a relational database and a graph database.
Step 1:
implement Neo4j
create graph database nodes
create relationships between nodes
execute the queries
Step 2:
implement SQL Server
create database with same data of step 1
execute the same queries

Step 3:
Compare the results between step 1 and step 2 by measure the retrieval time for 100 objects, 500 objects, 1000 objects

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Compare and contrast any ancient myth of your choice (except any Greek myth) with any contemporary one, particularly in terms of the structures and contents of both myths.
Competency 309.3.1: Decision-Making Models - The graduate uses optimizing models and other models as aids for making more informed decisions.

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